Regulation of the location, size, placement, and other features of signs is necessary to enable the public to locate businesses, industries, and facilities in the Municipality without difficulty and confusion, while maintaining the general attractiveness of the community and protecting the property values therein.  Accordingly, it is the intention of this chapter to establish regulations governing the display of signs that will:
   (a)    Control and regulate all signs, as hereinafter defined, within the Municipality;
   (b)    Promote and protect the public health, safety, and welfare;
   (c)   Enhance the economy and the business and industry of the Municipality by promoting the reasonable, orderly and effective display of signs.
   (d)   Prevent the placement of signs in a manner that will conceal or obscure signs of     adjacent businesses.
   (e)    Keep the number of signs and sign messages at the level reasonably necessary to identify a business;
   (f)    Keep signs within a reasonable scale with respect to the buildings to which they relate;
   (g)    Keep areas adjacent to streets clear of signs that might obstruct or distract the view of motorists;
   (h)    Promote signs which are compatible with their surroundings; and
   (i)   Establish reasonable conditions to phase out and remove any signs that may be in nonconformance at the time of the adoption of this chapter.
      (Ord. 14-07.  Passed 8-28-07.)