(a)    The Building Official, or a duly appointed assistant, shall inspect all buildings or structures from time to time during the construction, enlargement, alteration, removal, repair, or demolition thereof to see that the provisions of law are complied with and that the construction is prosecuted safely.
   (b)    It shall be the responsibility of the holder of the permit to notify the Building Official when work is ready for various inspections required by the terms of the permit and this Code. Persons requesting inspection shall call the Building Official who shall schedule inspections in the usual and customary manner.
   (c)    Requests for inspection shall be made to the Building Official at the following stages of construction:
      (1)    Completion of excavation prior to pouring of footings.
      (2)    Completion of foundation prior to backfilling and prior to any framing.
      (3)    Completion of plumbing drainage rough-in while under test and prior to covering any piping.
      (4)    Completion of building framing.
      (5)    Completion of electrical rough-in prior to covering any wiring.
      (6)    Gas service piping prior to backfilling of trench.
      (7)    Completion of warm air and air conditioning rough-in prior to covering any duct work.
      (8)    Fireplaces. Before installation of the damper, and after completion.
      (9)    Within ten days after installation of all plumbing equipment and while under final test.
      (10)    Within ten days after installation of all electrical equipment.
      (11)    Within ten days after the installation of the heating system and in operational condition.
      (12)    Fireplaces within ten days after the completion of all construction, with all equipment installed and prior to occupancy.
   (d)    Failure to request any of the inspections in subsection (c) hereof shall constitute a violation of this Code.
   (e)    It shall be a violation of this Code to cover, prior to inspection, any work required to be inspected under the terms of the permit and this Code, irrespective of any penalties for such violation. The Building Official, or his deputies or assistants, shall require the holder of the permit to uncover any such work for inspection. The cost, if any, of uncovering such work, and of replacing the cover after the work has been found satisfactory, shall be borne by the holder of the permit whose work required inspection.
   (f)    Any work which does not meet the standard contained in this Code shall be corrected within a reasonable time specified by the Building Official or his authorized deputies or assistants. A re-inspection shall then be made as otherwise provided herein.
   (g)    When deemed necessary, the Building Official shall make an inspection of all materials or assemblies before they are used in any structure. He shall make a record of every such examination and of all violations of the Code.
(1980 Code 150.113; Ord. 32-76.)