All structures constructed in the corporate limits of the Municipality or served by the Municipal Water or Sewer Departments shall be constructed such that the top of the last course of masonry or concrete footer, or basement wall or concrete slab, or other foundation is a minimum of sixteen inches above the curb elevation; or where no curb exists, above the street centerline elevation, such elevation to be measured at the center of the lot or parcel that the structure fronts on. The lot or parcel of land that the structure is constructed on shall be graded to drain away from the structure to the street or other drainage channel. If fill material is required to slope the lot or parcel away from the structure to the drainage channel, it shall be provided and installed by the property owner or developer. This requirement may not apply where new structures must be constructed to match adjacent existing structures or where topography does not permit conformance to this requirement. Such variance from this section may be granted by the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals only on application and after hearing by the Board. This section shall apply only to structures constructed after the effective date of this section.
(1980 Code 150.087; Ord. 15-78.)