(a)    All work performed under a permit issued by the Building Official shall conform to the approved application and plans, and approved amendments thereof.
   (b)    The location of all new construction as shown on the approved plot diagram or an approved amendment thereof shall be strictly adhered to.
   (c)    It shall be unlawful to reduce or diminish the area of a lot or plot of which a plot diagram has been filed and has been used as the basis for a permit, unless a revised plot diagram showing the proposed change in conditions has been filed and approved. However, this shall not apply when the lot is reduced by reason of a street opening or widening or other public improvement.
   (d)    A permit or permits shall not be issued for the construction or alteration of any buildings or structures or parts thereof on premises which are subject to the provisions of the Subdivision Code relative to platting unless the final plat of the subdivision has been duly recorded in the Lucas County Recorder's Office, after compliance with all of the applicable provisions of the Waterville Code, or any other regulations or conditions imposed on the subdivision by Council. (1980 Code 150.021; Ord. 234.)