(a)    It shall be the duty of the Building Official to examine applications for permits within a reasonable time after filing. If after examination he finds that the application and the work to be done or performed pursuant thereto is and will be in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances, and that all fees or charges in connection with such application or work and provision for utilities on the premises have been paid, he shall approve such application and issue a permit. Otherwise he shall reject the application and deliver to the applicant a notation of his reasons for rejection. No permit shall be issued until the provisions of this Building Code have been complied with and the charges imposed are paid or provision made for the payment of the charges in accordance with the terms hereof.
   (b)    As part of the examination procedures required by this section, the Building Official shall have the following duties set forth in Chapter 1321 .
(1980 Code 150.019; Ord. 8-75.)