1148.01  PURPOSE.
   Most types of land use covered by this Zoning Ordinance are grouped according to compatibility and function, and each group is permitted outright in the various districts established in the Ordinance.  In addition to these permitted uses, there are other uses which it may be necessary or desirable to allow in certain districts, but because of their potential impact on adjacent land or public facilities, need particular and individual consideration prior to location in the community.  Such uses are classified in this Zoning Ordinance as special uses and fall into two general categories:
   (a)   Uses municipally operated or operated by publicly regulated utilities, and uses traditionally affected by public interest.
   (b)   Uses entirely private in character which, because of their peculiar locational needs or the nature of the service they offer to the public, may have to be established in a district in which they cannot reasonably be allowed as a permitted use under zoning regulations.