In the M-2 Industrial District any lawful use is permitted, including any use permitted in the M-1 District, except the following:
   (a)   Dwellings of any type, except a dwelling for a janitor or watchman employed upon the premises.
   (b)   Motels, hotels, apartments, rooming houses, tourist homes or trailers.
   (c)   A use which is a nuisance per se, or is similar to one that has been declared a nuisance by a court of record or by an ordinance of the City.
   (d)   Any use whose performance is characteristically so obnoxious due to emission of dust, odor, noise, smoke or vibration that its influence, adverse to the health, safety and public welfare, will be felt in a residence district within the City or a neighboring area.
      (Ord. 431.  Passed 9-4-63; Ord. 15-93.  Passed 7-26-93.)