In the M-1 Industrial District no premises shall be used and no building shall be erected or used except for one of the following purposes:
   (a)   Public utility facilities.  (Ord. 11-08.  Passed 6-2-08.)
   (b)   Bakeries and bottling works.
   (c)   Blacksmith and horse-shoeing shops.
   (d)   Carting, express, hauling or storage yards.
   (e)   Cleaning and dyeing plants.
   (f)   Contractor's, coal, coke or wood yards.
   (g)   Ice cream manufacturing.
   (h)   Public utilities substations, provided that there is no outside storage of equipment or materials.
   (i)   Testing and research laboratories.
   (j)   Warehouses.
   (k)   Wholesale establishments.
   (l)   Manufacturing plants or other industries, provided that the operation of the same will give rise to no objectionable smoke, gas, odor, dust or noise, that not more than forty percent of the lot or tract area is covered by a building or buildings and that all operations are confined to the interior of the building or buildings and that there shall be no outdoor storage of raw materials, manufactured items or waste products unless suitable screens, fences or walls are provided to hide them from view.
(Ord. 431. Passed 9-4-63.)
   (m)   Accessory uses and buildings customary and in conjunction with uses permitted in this District.
   (n)   Advertising signs and billboards totaling no more than 200 square feet for each building or premises provided that the same comply with all applicable provisions of State law and the ordinances and regulations of the Municipality relating thereto.  Free-standing signs may be included within the 200 square feet total, subject to the above conditions.
(Ord. 11-08.  Passed 6-2-08.)