1136B.01 PURPOSE.
   (a)   The purpose of this chapter is to maintain a high character of community development, to promote stability of property and property values, to provide for orderly development, to provide for proper movement of traffic, and to secure the general safety of citizens by regulating the characteristics of the property as a whole throughout the hereinafter- defined Residential Overlay District.
   (b)   It is the further purpose of this chapter to recognize and preserve the distinctive architectural character of this community, which has been greatly influenced by the architecture of an earlier period in this community's history. This purpose shall be served by the review and approval of the site plan including but not limited to the site design, finish grade line, driveway location and design, lighting, landscaping, pedestrian accessibility and the orientation of all structures hereinafter altered, constructed, reconstructed, erected, enlarged or remodeled, removed or demolished in the hereinafter defined Residential Overlay District.
(Ord. 01-05.  Passed 3-14-05.)