In the P-1 Parks and Green Space District no premises shall be used and no building erected or used except for one of the following purposes:
   (a)   Parks, playgrounds, and/or community buildings owned or operated by public agencies, provided that commercial enterprises and public or private amusement facilities are excluded.
   (b)   Park caretaker/security personnel housing units, provided said units are owned and operated by public agencies.
   (c)   Public buildings, including libraries, museums, police and fire stations.
   (d)   Water supply reservoirs, pumping plants and/or towers.
   (e)   Public golf course and clubhouse, provided no clubhouse, swimming pool, and/or parking lot shall be closer than one hundred (100) feet to a property line.
   (f)   Public cemeteries.
   (g)   Customary accessory uses. 
(Ord. 11-93.  Passed 7-26-93.)