(a)   All new, improved, or expanded sanitary sewers and pumping facilities discharging anything into the system shall be constructed in accordance with the regulations established by the Municipal Administrator and/or this chapter. Written approval of the Administrator shall be obtained prior to the start of any construction.
   (b)   All plans shall be approved by the Municipal Engineer for the Municipality, township, or county prior to submission to the Administrator. Plans shall include all data required to make a complete review, as established by the Administrator. All elevations shall be converted to Municipality of Waterville Datum.
   (c)   The agency, person, firm, or municipality submitting such plans shall pay to the Municipal Treasurer an amount sufficient to pay the cost of making the review and necessary inspections. Such cost shall be determined by multiplying the number of hours spent on the review and inspections by the appropriate hourly rate, which shall include all fringe benefits and overhead.
   (d)   All construction, materials, sizes, slope, alignment, methods to be used in excavating, placing of pipe, joints, testing, and backfilling shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations established and promulgated by the Administrator. In the absence of a rule or regulation, or in amplification thereof, the materials and procedures shall comply with the latest specifications for a project performed by the Municipality, or, in the absence thereof, comply with appropriate specifications of ASTM or WPCF Manuals of Practice.
(1980 Code 51.09; Ord. 24-97.)