All legislative action by Council shall be by ordinance or resolution introduced in written or printed form. No ordinance or resolution shall contain more than one subject, which shall be clearly expressed in its title. Unless such legislation is otherwise authorized by the terms elsewhere in this Charter, the adoption, rejection, amendment, time of taking effect, and the signing thereof, shall be in the manner provided herein.
   In addition to other acts required by law or by specific provision of this Charter to be done by ordinance, those legislative acts of Council which are of a general and permanent nature and which have the full force and effect of law shall be done by ordinance, including adopting or amending the administrative code; adopting or amending the Zoning or Subdivision Codes, including the approval of rezoning requests or special use permits; establishing a rule or regulation for which a fine or penalty is imposed; levying taxes or assessments; granting, renewing, or extending a franchise; regulating utility rates; authorizing the borrowing of money, purchasing, leasing, or transferring any public lands; appropriating funds; or amending or repealing ordinances previously adopted.  Acts other than those referred to in the preceding sentence may be done either by ordinance or resolution.
   Prior to the presentation of any ordinance or resolution, to be passed as a regular measure, the Municipal Administrator or his designated agent shall serve either personally or by leaving a copy thereof at the usual residence of the Mayor and each member of Council, within a period of not less than three (3) days before the meeting of Council.
   Every ordinance and resolution proposed for passage as a regular measure shall be available at the municipal offices for review by the general public three (3) days before the ordinance or resolution is to be considered by Council, and shall also be available for review at the Council meeting
   Every ordinance, except emergency ordinances, shall be presented and distinctly read by title only at three (3) different meetings of Council. No ordinance, except emergency ordinances and ordinances relating to the appropriation of money or levy of taxes, shall become effective until thirty (30) days after its approval by Council. An emergency ordinance and an ordinance relating to the appropriation of money or levy of taxes shall be effective upon passage or at such other time stipulated in the ordinance. 
(Amended 11-4-97)
   A resolution may be passed or adopted at the meeting at which it is first presented, provided that it must be read at least once by title only. A resolution shall be effective upon passage or at such other time stipulated in the resolution.
   Each ordinance and resolution shall be authenticated by the Clerk of Council.
   Except as otherwise provided herein, every ordinance or resolution of a general or public nature required to be published by this Charter, or by legislation enacted by Council, shall be published  either by posting copies in the prescribed number of places designated for a period not less than fifteen (15) days, or by publishing the same in any English language newspaper with general circulation within the Municipality. Except as to resolutions or emergency ordinances, publication shall be  completed prior to the taking effect therein.
(Amended 11-3-87;11-2-93)