All legislative powers of the Municipality and the determination of all matters of policy shall be vested in Council, except for those items specifically established by other sections of this Charter.
   Council shall adopt its own rules, regulations, or by-laws and shall attend that a journal be maintained of all of its proceedings; said journal to be open for public inspection at all reasonable times.
   Council may by ordinance make provisions with respect to but not limited to:
   (a)    The time and place of all regular meetings.
   (b)    Appointing and removing the Municipal Administrator in accord with Article IV of this Charter.
   (c)    The method of giving public notice of the enactment of the ordinances and adoption of its resolutions, and of any other acts or proceedings which it deems proper to publish.
   (d)    Such other general regulations as Council may deem necessary, including regulations as to the custody and use by the Clerk of Council of an official seal which shall be The Municipal Seal of Waterville.
   (e)    Accepting gifts and grants for the Municipality.
   (f)    Adopting the budget with or without amendments.
   (g)    Establishing, changing, combining or abolishing administrative departments and defining their powers, duties and responsibilities, other than those established by this Charter
   (h)    Entering into and/or canceling contracts or franchises.
   (i)    Incurring indebtedness and authorizing the issuance of bonds and/or notes by ordinance.
   (j)    Adopting, modifying, or carrying out mapping, platting, zoning, or other plans proposed by the Municipal Planning Commission.
   (k)    Appointing and/or removing the Clerk of Council and any other officer of the Municipality that is subject to the appointive powers of Council.
   (1)   Inquiring into the conduct of any agency of the Municipality and making investigations as to municipal affairs.
   (m)    Inquiry and investigation solely through the Municipal Administrator in respect to any administrative service for which the Municipal Administrator is responsible.
   (n)    The procedure for making public improvements and including the procedure for combining two or more public improvements in one proceeding, if Council finds that it will be economical and practical to undertake such improvements jointly.
   (o)    The procedure to be used in administering the oath of office as provided herein.
   (p)   The procedures and methods to be followed with respect to contracting and purchasing on behalf of the Municipality, including the power to determine the method and procedure for making, awarding, advertising, modifying, and enforcing contracts with the Municipality, and the method, procedure, time, and manner of payment thereunder.
   (q)   The matter of whether contracts shall be awarded pursuant to separate trades or whether a general contractor or some other method of contracting shall be utilized, which matter shall be determined by the Council either by a general ordinance or resolution or by a specific action with respect to particular projects taken by ordinance or resolution.
   Council may, at their discretion and with a majority vote of the members thereof in a public meeting, arrange for a yearly review of all Village financial accounts by an independent Certified Public Accountant. 
(Amended 11-8-77; 11-4-97; 11-6-07)