Council shall appoint a Municipal Treasurer who shall serve at the pleasure of Council and shall perform such other duties as this Charter or the Council may require. The Treasurer shall attend all meetings of Council. The Treasurer shall countersign, with the Administrator or Acting Administrator, all checks issued by the Village. In the event of an emergency or the unavailability of the Treasurer, other Village employees, as specifically authorized by the Treasurer and Administrator, may countersign checks issued by the Village.  He shall reconcile all checking and savings accounts of Village funds. The Treasurer shall, when requested by the Administrator, provide whatever data and financial information the Administrator may require in the preparation of financial reports for the Council. The Treasurer shall be a suitably qualified person with bookkeeping experience. During the absence or disability of the Treasurer, Council shall appoint a Temporary Treasurer who shall perform all duties of the office.
(Amended 11-8-77; 11-4-97; 11-6-07)