Council shall appoint a Clerk of Council who shall serve at the pleasure of the Council, and shall perform such other duties as this Charter or the Council may require.
   The Clerk of Council shall attend all meetings of Council, and keep a journal of all meetings, ordinances and resolutions. The Journal shall include the record of all voting upon any ordinance, resolution or motion which shall be by roll call, and the vote of each Councilman (including Mayor and Vice-Mayor) shall be listed therein.
   In addition the Clerk of Council shall authenticate by signature and keep in book form, by number and alphabetically by title, all ordinances and resolutions which shall be open for public inspection at all reasonable times
   The Clerk of Council shall maintain a complete file of all official blueprints, maps, journals, and ledgers in the designated municipal hall. These shall be available for inspection at all reasonable times.
   During the absence or disability of the Clerk, Council shall appoint a temporary Clerk of Council who shall perform all the duties of the office.
(Amended 11-8-77; 11-6-07)