Ordinances presently in force and establishing salaries shall remain in effect for the first elected Council and thereafter the specifications established by the newly elected Council according to this Charter will prevail.
   Council shall fix the salaries and compensation of the Municipal Administrator, the Mayor, members of Council, and each officer, employee, or member of any board or commission of the Municipality, whether elected or appointed. The salaries and compensation of the Mayor and Council of the Municipality shall be fixed by ordinance or resolution.
   The compensation each member of Council (including the Mayor and Vice-Mayor) shall receive shall be fixed not less than one hundred twenty (120) days immediately preceding the date of the next municipal election. No increase can become effective for any Council Member during the current term of any Council Member enacting such ordinance. The compensation of every other officer, employee, and member of any board or commission of the Municipality shall at any time be fixed by ordinance or resolution.
   All officers and employees of the Municipality whose duties require that they handle or be concerned with the management of its money or other property, and any other employee required by Council to file a bond, shall furnish to the Clerk of Council, before entering their duties, a bond to protect the Municipality against loss due to their acts or omissions. The amount of such bond shall in each case be fixed by resolution of Council and shall be of an adequate amount in accordance with the value of property and amounts of money handled by the employee. The premiums of such bond shall be paid from the funds of the Municipality.
(Amended 11-2-93; 11-6-07; 11-6-12)