§ 91.08  CATS.
   (A)   Cat licensing fee. No person shall own or keep a cat, six months of age or older, within the town unless an annual license for such cat is obtained from the Town Clerk. The fee for such a license shall be $10 for each cat. The licensing fee for each cat owned or kept by persons aged 60 or older shall be $5.
   (B)   Number of licensed cats. Not more than five cats over six months of age shall be kept in a household. Any variance to this number of licensed animals must first be approved by the Board of Health. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to veterinary establishments that are subject to kennel licensing.
   (C)   Rabies vaccination. No cat shall be licensed unless a valid rabies vaccination certificate is presented to the Town Clerk at the time of licensing. All cats shall be vaccinated against rabies in accordance with Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 140, § 145B.
   (D)   Outdoor cat requirements.
      (1)   All cats allowed or found outdoors for any length of time shall be outfitted with a microchip. All cats allowed outdoors shall be spayed or neutered. Any cat found at large that cannot be immediately identified shall be deemed a stray.
      (2)   Exemptions. This section shall not apply to a cat with a high likelihood of suffering serious bodily harm or death if spayed, neutered, or microchipped, due to age or infirmity. The owner or custodian must obtain written confirmation of this fact from a Massachusetts-licensed veterinarian. If the cat is able to be safely spayed, neutered, or microchipped at a later date, that date must be stated in the written confirmation.
   (E)   Stray cats. Any rescue group, humane society or other person or organization picking up stray cats shall notify the animal control officer with all relevant information for each cat and the location found.
   (F)   Feral cats. Any person or organization that traps and releases feral cats shall report such activity to the animal control officer, including information of description and numbers of cats trapped and the name of the caretaker. The caretaker is expected to take full responsibility for the duration of the cat’s life. All feral cats shall be ear tipped. All feral cats shall be spayed or neutered.
   (G)   Dangerous cats. The animal control officer may at any time issue an order of confinement for any cat deemed a dangerous cat.
(Ord. O-2017-2, passed 1-24-2017; Am. Ord. O-2018-79, passed 9-25-2018)