(A)   Notice of impoundment.
      (1)   It shall be the duty of any animal control officer, or his/her designee, to apprehend any dog found running at large and/or any unlicensed dog in any street or public place within the town, and to impound such dog in the place provided therefor.
      (2)   The owner or keeper of any dog so impounded may reclaim such dog within seven days and upon payment of the license fee, if unpaid, all outstanding citations, boarding fees for each day the dog was held, all veterinary costs, and all other associated costs as applicable.
   (B)   Unclaimed dogs. The animal control officer shall make reasonable efforts to determine the identity of the owner or keeper of any dog. If any dog is impounded pursuant to this chapter and its owner and/or keeper cannot be identified within seven days, the dog may be put up for adoption or humanely euthanized, provided that the animal control officer determines that all reasonable efforts have been made to locate the owner and/or keeper and there are no reasonable alternatives to such action.
(Ord. O-2017-2, passed 1-24-2017; Am. Ord. O-2018-79, passed 9-25-2018)