(A)   Removal of dog waste from public and private property. Each person who owns or keeps a dog within the town, shall immediately remove and dispose of any feces left by such dog on any sidewalk, planting strip, street, park or other public area, or on any private property not owned or occupied by such person. Any such dog is to be accompanied by a person carrying a device suitable for picking up and containing feces, unexposed to such person and to the general public.
   (B)   Method of dog waste disposal. Dog waste or feces may only be disposed of in a sanitary manner. Dog waste shall not be disposed of in catch basins.
   (C)   Exemptions to the removal of dog wastes. Divisions (A) and(B) shall not apply to a service animal accompanying any individual with a disability, who, by reason of a disability, is physically unable to comply with the requirements of these divisions.
(Ord. O-2017-2, passed 1-24-2017; Am. Ord. O-2018-79, passed 9-25-2018)