(A)   Definitions.  For this purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      BUSINESS DAY.  Any day that an establishment is open for business.
      BUSINESS DISTRICT.  Every parcel of land which the town zoning ordinance has classified as a business district, including Neighborhood Business, Limited Business, and Central Business Districts, or any additional district hereafter established under the zoning ordinance.
      BUSINESS HOURS.  The hours during which an establishment is open for business.
      PRIVATE PERSON.  Every person, partnership, corporation, joint-stock company, or other entity, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee, or other agent.
      SIDEWALK.  That portion of a street between the curb lines, or the lateral lines of a roadway, and the adjacent property lines intended for the use of pedestrians.
   (B)   Snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks by private persons.
      (1)   (a)   Every person in charge or control of any building or lot of land within a business district and used for business purposes in the city fronting on or abutting a paved sidewalk, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee,or otherwise, shall remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away, snow and ice from a path of at least 36 inches in width from that portion of the sidewalk which abuts any side of the building or lot of land.  The cleared path shall extend to the traveled way of the street at each corner of an intersection of 2 or more streets and at each intermediate curb cut so as to provide access from the street to the sidewalk.
         (b)   Except as provided in division (2) of this division (B), snow and ice shall be removed from sidewalks in all business districts by 2 hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, sleet, or freezing rain during business hours or by the beginning of business hours of the next business day following such fall.
      (2)   In the event that snow and ice on a sidewalk has become so hard that it cannot be removed without likelihood of damage to the sidewalk, the person or entity charged with its removal shall, within the time mentioned in this section, cause enough sand or other abrasive to be put on the sidewalk to make travel thereon reasonably safe, and thereafter, as soon as weather permits, shall cause a path in said sidewalk of at least 36 inches in width to be cleared of such snow and ice.
      (3)   In the event that snow and ice is not removed from a sidewalk as provided herein, an initial warning may be issued to the responsible private person.  If, thereafter, the sidewalk location that was the subject of the initial warning remains covered with snow and ice 2 hours after the said warning, a notice of violation may be issued and the appropriate penalty assessed to said responsible private person.  No more than 1 penalty shall be assessed with respect to any 1 snowfall within a 24-hour period.
      (4)   In the event of the declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor, applicable to an area of the Commonwealth which includes the Town of Watertown, as a result of snow, sleet or freezing rain, the provisions of this section shall be suspended for a period of 24 hours after the cessation of the fall of such snow, sleet or freezing rain or until the end of the State of Emergency, whichever is the latest to occur.
(Ord. 39, passed 5-13-1997)  Penalty, see § 96.99