(A)   The Superintendent of Public Works for the purpose of removing or plowing snow, or removing ice, from any way, may remove or cause to be removed to some convenient place, including a public garage, any vehicle interfering with such work.  He shall keep or cause to be kept records of the registration number of each vehicle so removed and the place to which it is removed, and shall within 48 hours after the removal of any such vehicle send notice by mail to the owner of such vehicle, at his address as recorded at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, of the place to which such vehicle has been removed.  If the owner of the motor vehicle be unknown or be not on record at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for this Commonwealth, the Superintendent of Public Works shall on the business day following the day of removal publish, at least once in a newspaper published and having a general circulation in Watertown or Boston, notice of the removal, the registration number, if any, the type of vehicle and the place to which the same was removed.
   (B)   Before the owner or his or her agent shall be permitted to remove a vehicle which has been removed as aforesaid to a public garage or other convenient place, he shall:
      (1)   Furnish satisfactory evidence to the owner or person in charge of the public garage or to the Superintendent of Public Works of his or her identity and ownership or right to possession of the vehicle.
      (2)   To pay for the cost of publishing or sending any notice required hereunder in such amount as shall be determined by the Superintendent of Public Works of the town and to pay the cost of removing the vehicle and all storage charges as authorized by Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 40, § 22D as provided in the "Town of Watertown Traffic Rules and Orders, as amended."
(1982 Code, Ch. VII, § 14)  Penalty, see § 96.99