Any person who intends to erect, repair, take down or do any work on or in connection with any building or structure on land abutting on any way which this town is obliged to keep in repair, and desires to make use of any portion of said way for the purpose of placing thereon building materials, equipment or rubbish shall give notice thereof to the Town Manager.  And thereupon the Town Manager may grant a permit in writing to occupy such portion of said way to be used for such purpose as in his judgment the necessity of the case demands and the security of the public allows; such permit in no case to be in force longer than 90 days, and to be on such conditions as the Manager may require; and especially in every case, upon condition that during the whole of every night, from twilight in the evening until sunrise in the morning, lighted lanterns shall be placed as effectually to secure all travelers from liability to come in contact with such building materials or rubbish.
(1982 Code, Ch. VII, § 3)  Penalty, see § 96.99