(A)   No persons shall place, cause to be placed or maintain a newsrack on any public way or sidewalk:
      (1)   Within 10 feet of a handicapped access ramp;
      (2)   Within or overhanging the roadway;
      (3)   Within 6 inches of a curb;
      (4)   Within 15 feet of the curb return or any marked crosswalk;
      (5)   Within 5 feet of any fire hydrant or fire hose connection;
      (6)   Within 5 feet of any manhole, service gate, valve cover, sewer grate or other access panel or cover located in a public way or sidewalk;
      (7)   Within 5 feet of a driveway;
      (8)   Immediately adjacent to a designated loading zone, a handicapped parking space, a zone reserved for emergency vehicles;
      (9)   So as to reduce the width of a sidewalk to less than 4 feet for the passage of travelers unless the width of the sidewalk is otherwise reduced to less than 4 feet, as determined by the Superintendent, in which case the newsrack may be installed so as to avoid further reducing the width of the sidewalk;
      (10)   So as to impede ingress to and egress from legally parked motor vehicles, buses or other modes of transportation;
      (11)   So as to impede the operation of standard sidewalk snow plows in use by the Town of Watertown except where said sidewalk snow plows would be otherwise impeded, as determined by the Superintendent;
      (12)   Within a rectangular area 10 feet in front of any door of any building and 3 feet to either side of the door;
      (13)   So as to create an imminent danger of harm to persons or property as demonstrated by specific facts;
      (14)   Directly abutting a public flower bed, tree pit, memorial or sculpture, or on or within a memorial traffic island, circle or square designated on a list to be maintained and available during regular business hours at the Department of Public Works;
      (15)   So that it is attached to town-owned property, including a town-owned tree, traffic control signal device, police or fire call box, fire hydrant, sign or parking meter;
      (16)   Directly in front of and on the same side of the street as any parcel zoned solely for residential use as defined in the town zoning code, except at designated bus stops, MBTA crossings and parking lots.  This restriction shall not apply to parcels zoned for a mixed residential and business use;
      (17)   In a manner that violates any provision of state or federal law.
   (B)   In addition to the restrictions listed in division (A) of this section, all newsracks shall meet the following standards:
      (1)   Newsracks may be secured to one another provided that they are no more than 6 inches apart and provided that the newsracks are aligned in a row that is parallel to the nearest curb line and no longer than 10 feet in length.  Individual newsracks shall be installed parallel to the nearest curb line.  Newsracks may not be clustered back-to-back to form two rows as the open area between them can become a repository of rubbish.  Newsracks must be placed side by side parallel to and not less that 6 inches from the edge of the curb.  Newsracks so placed shall face the sidewalk, not the street.  Newsracks placed near the wall of a building or other structure must be placed parallel to and not more than 6 inches away from the wall.
      (2)   Newsracks shall not exceed the dimensional requirements of a height of 4-1/2 feet from the ground, width of 2 feet, and a length of 2  feet.  Newsracks shall be constructed and maintained so that they do not constitute a hazard or safety problem for travelers and others using the sidewalks and public ways.  They shall be maintained in good repair and clean and safe condition and shall be removed if their use is discontinued for a period of 20 days or longer.
      (3)   No newsrack shall bear any advertising other than that directly relating to the printed matter dispensed by the newsrack.  A newsrack may dispense more than 1 publication (printed matter) if it is published by the owner of the newsrack or an affiliate thereof and the newsrack may bear advertising directly related to each publication dispensed by the newsrack.
      (4)   Each newsrack shall clearly display the name, address and telephone number of the owner of the machine and the person to contact in connection with the maintenance and operation thereof.
(Ord. 71, passed 10-27-1998; Am. Ord. 73, passed 10-9-2001)  Penalty, see § 94.99