(A)   No project which is subject to this chapter may be granted a special permit or site plan review unless that project provides the DCDP with a written Transportation Demand Management.
   (B)   Program that meets the criteria specified below, at a minimum, and as further specified in the rules and regulations promulgated as part of § 72.17, above.
      (1)   Includes program goals and target(s) for trip reduction based on the project's proposed new trips and baseline transportation impacts.
      (2)   Provides a comprehensive list of TDM measures that will be used to guide the project's TDM program and achieve the program goals and trip reductions target(s).
      (3)   Provides a description of post-occupancy TDM monitoring measures, to determine the project's effectiveness in implementing the TDM program and achieving the program's goals and trip reduction target(s).
      (4)   Provides a schedule for post-occupancy TDM monitoring and reporting to the DCDP.
      (5)   Provides a list of corrective measures, including but not limited to additional TDM measures, additional incentives, or potential penalties to be applied by the Petitioner of the development/redevelopment to achieve the program goals and trip reduction target(s).
(Ord. O-2017-31, passed 5-9-2017)