(A)   The Town Manager or his/her designee may adopt, and periodically amend, rules and regulations relating to the detailed requirements, procedures, and administration of this chapter, including application and inspection fees. Prior to adopting or amending rules and regulations, the Town Manager or his/her designee shall consult with the DCDP. Such rules and regulations shall be consistent with the criteria set forth in § 72.30 below.
   (B)   Failure by the Town Manager or their designee to promulgate such rules and regulations, or a declaration of their invalidity by a court of law, shall not have the effect of suspending or invalidating the provisions of this chapter or any permit issued hereunder.
   (C)   Such rules and regulations (or amendments thereto) shall become effective five days after being filed with the Town Clerk.
   (D)   Prior to amending the rules and regulations which implement this chapter, the Town Manager or their designee shall notify the Town Council of such proposed amendments.
(Ord. O-2017-31, passed 5-9-2017)