A.   Authorized: The liquor commissioner is authorized to issue a temporary liquor license to any nonprofit religious, charitable, fraternal, educational or veterans' organization operating within the village, hereinafter termed, for purposes of this section, "nonprofit organization".
   B.   Application For License: Any nonprofit organization desiring a temporary liquor license shall make application therefor in writing to the liquor commissioner through the village clerk and accompany their application with the required license fee. The application shall be verified and be upon a form prepared by the village clerk and shall contain that information as far as is applicable as is required by this section for liquor licenses. All applications for temporary liquor licenses shall be made ten (10) days prior to the date of the event. The application, in addition to the above required information, shall indicate the nonprofit organization which is applying for the license. (1999 Code § 3.14)
   C.   License Fee: The fee for a temporary liquor license shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00). There will be no application fee for temporary licenses. (Ord. 2004-18, 7-13-1004)
   D.   Insurance Requirements: Applicants shall provide evidence of proper dram shop insurance issued by a company with a B+ rating or better, in a class of 7 or better. Said insurance policy shall be nonassessable and include the following minimum limits of coverage: bodily injury per person, one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00); bodily injury per occurrence, three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00); injury to means of support, one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00); and property damage, one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00).
   E.   Number Of Licenses Per Year: No more than one temporary liquor license shall be issued to any nonprofit organization during any calendar year.
   F.   Term Of License; Location: All such temporary licenses shall be valid for a period of eighteen (18) hours as specified in the license and at the place specified in the application. It shall be unlawful for any nonprofit organization to sell alcoholic beverages at any time other than the eighteen (18) hour period specified or at a place other than as specified in the license application and approved by the liquor commissioner.
   G.   Application Of Liquor Regulations; Trash, Litter And Parking: All provisions of this chapter not inconsistent with the stated terms of this section shall apply to temporary liquor licenses. No license shall be issued unless all of the criteria for a license established by this section have been met. In addition thereto, no temporary license shall be issued unless adequate trash receptacles are provided and sanitation provisions are made. The applicant is responsible for control of litter and other material during and after the event, and in addition, the applicant is responsible for demonstrating that adequate parking is available. (1999 Code § 3.14)