A.   Class F License: No class F license shall be issued to any hotel unless such hotel shall contain eight (8) or more rooms for sleeping accommodations of such guests and unless such hotel shall contain one or more public dining rooms with a minimum seating capacity of forty (40) guests where meals are served to such guests; such sleeping accommodations and dining rooms being conducted in the same building or buildings in connection therewith, and such building or buildings being provided with adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining room equipment and capacity.
   B.   Class E License: No class E license shall be issued to any restaurant which does not strictly comply with all requirements for a "restaurant", as defined in section 3-1-2 of this chapter. (1999 Code § 3.07)
   C.   Class E, F Or G License: No class E, F or G license shall be issued except to the qualified holder of a certificate of occupancy properly issued by the code official; provided, however, that the village board may enter into any agreement with an applicant for a license as is deemed by the liquor commissioner to be necessary and proper for the issuing of such license where such applicant has applied for a building permit, has filed complete building plans prepared by an architect or licensed structural engineer and has shown evidence of an ability to proceed and complete the construction according to the permit plans within a period of time from the date of issuance of the building permit, said permit not to exceed two (2) years as determined by the liquor commissioner. Any such agreement shall require of such applicant the posting of bond guaranteeing the completion of the structure for which such class E, F or G license is sought within said period of time not to exceed two (2) years in compliance with the ordinances of the village. (1999 Code § 3.07; amd. 2005 Code)