A.   Office Created; Appointment; Qualifications: There is hereby created the office of code official of the village, an administrative office of the village. The office shall be filled by appointment of a person educated, trained or experienced in construction practices or by contract with another governmental inspection agency. The appointment or contract shall be made by the village president, subject to the approval of the village board of trustees. (1999 Code § 12.03; amd. 2005 Code)
   B.   Duties: The code official shall be responsible for the general administration and enforcement of this chapter, including, but not limited to, the following duties: (1999 Code § 12.04; amd. 2005 Code)
      1.   Ensure that all development activities within the SFHA of the jurisdiction of the village meet the requirements of this chapter.
      2.   Provide information and assistance to citizens upon request about permit procedures and floodplain construction techniques.
      3.   Ensure that construction authorization has been granted by the Illinois department of transportation, division of water resources, for all development projects subject to section 11-1-6 of this chapter and maintain a record of such authorization.
      4.   Maintain a record of the as built elevation of the lowest floor (including basement) of all buildings subject to section 11-1-7 of this chapter.
      5.   Maintain a record of the engineer's certificate and the as built floodproofed elevation of all building subject to subsection 11-1-7B4 of this chapter.
      6.   Inspect all development projects to ensure they comply with the provisions of this chapter.
      7.   Cooperate with state and federal floodplain management agencies to improve base flood and floodway data and to improve the administration of this chapter. Submit reports as required for the national flood insurance program.
      8.   Maintain for public inspection and furnish upon request, base flood data, SFHA maps, copies of federal or state permit documents and as built elevation and floodproofing data for all buildings constructed subject to this chapter. (1999 Code § 12.04)