This chapter is enacted pursuant to the police powers granted to the village by 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-1-1, 5/11-12-12, 5/11-30-2, 5/11-30-8 and 5/11-31-2 in order to accomplish the following purposes:
   A.   To prevent unwise development from increasing flood or drainage hazards to others.
   B.   To protect new buildings and major improvements to buildings from flood damage.
   C.   To protect human life and health from the hazards of flooding.
   D.   To lessen the burden on the taxpayer for flood control projects, repairs to flood damaged public facilities and utilities, and flood rescue and relief operations.
   E.   To maintain property values and a stable tax base by minimizing the potential for creating flood blighted areas.
   F.   To make federally subsidized flood insurance available for property in the village by fulfilling the requirements of the national flood insurance program. (1999 Code § 12.01)