A special use permit shall be granted only if evidence is presented to establish that:
   A.   The proposed structure or use at the particular location requested is necessary or desirable to provide a service or a facility which is in the interest of the public and will contribute to the general welfare of the neighborhood or community;
   B.   The proposed structure or use will not have a substantial adverse effect upon the adjacent property, the character of the neighborhood, traffic conditions, utility facilities and other matters affecting the public health, safety and general welfare; and
   C.   The proposed structure or use will be designed, arranged and operated so as to permit the development and use of neighboring property in accordance with the applicable district regulations.
   D.   Such other standards and criteria as are established for a particular special use as set forth in section 9-13-4 of this chapter and as applied to planned developments as set forth in chapter 9 of this title. (Ord. 2004-10, 6-8-2004)