The following signs and advertising devices are hereby prohibited:
   A.   Moving, rotating, or animated signs, except traditional barber's poles not exceeding two feet (2') in height and projecting not more than twelve inches (12") from the building, utilized only to identify a haircutting establishment. In authorizing the latter exemption, the board of trustees may find it in the public interest to retain this historic symbol of American commerce. (1999 Code § 19.06)
   B.   On either the north side or the south side of Route 30 (Lincoln Highway), from Juniper Street on the east to North Pine Street on the west, flashing signs, including electronic message boards, however, not including digital time and temperature signs involving only that information and no further or additional information of an advertising nature. Such time/temperature signs shall be constant or steady in nature, and shall not grow, melt, X-ray, up or down scroll, write on travel, inverse, roll, twinkle, snow or present pictorials or other animation. (Ord. 2009-09, 11-10-2009)
   C.   Billboards.
   D.   Vehicle and trailer signs.
   E.   Portable signs.
   F.   Residential or commercial development or real estate signs promoting the sale of lots prior to the approval of the final plat.
   G.   Roof signs.
   H.   Signs containing characters, cartoons, statements, works or pictures that constitute public indecency as prohibited under 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-9 (public indecency), or are "obscene" as defined in 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-20(b).
   I.   Any sign erected in a public easement or right of way.
   J.   Any sign erected so as to prevent free ingress to or egress from any door or window, or any other way required by the building or fire code of the village 1 .
   K.   Any sign attached to any public utility pole, tree, fire hydrant, curb, sidewalk or other surface located on public property.
   L.   Any sign erected in any location where, by reason of its location, it will obstruct the view of any authorized traffic sign, signal, or other traffic control device. Nor may any sign, by reason of its shape, position or color, interfere with or be confused with any authorized traffic signal, sign or device. Further, no sign shall be erected in the sight distance triangle 2 or any other location where it will obstruct vision of the public right of way to a vehicle operator during ingress to, egress from, or while traveling on the public right of way. (1999 Code § 19.06)
   M.   Any on premises sign or standard outdoor advertising structure, advertising an article or product not manufactured, assembled, processed, repaired or sold or a service not rendered upon the premises upon which the sign is located. (1999 Code § 19.06; amd. 2005 Code)
   N.   Any sign or advertising device, such as banners and pennants, affixed on poles, wires, ropes or streamers, wind operated devices, fluttering signs, pinwheels, streamers, banners, street banners, and A-frames or other portable signs of like nature, and other similar constructions or techniques.
   O.   Off premises signs except as provided in this chapter.
   P.   Searchlights, except searchlights permitted for grand openings with temporary permits.
   Q.   Illuminations that are not steady and constant.
   R.   Windows signs in excess of fifty percent (50%) of each window or door area. (1999 Code § 19.06)



1. See chapter 1, articles A and G of this title.
2. See section 8-3-7 of this chapter.