A.   Rates And Charges Established; Annual Review: The charge for garbage collection services provided by the village shall be determined by the board of trustees. This charge shall be reviewed on an annual basis at the March meeting of the board of trustees. (1999 Code § 8.03; amd. 2005 Code)
   B.   Authority To Alter Rates And Charges Under Certain Circumstances: The board of trustees reserves the right to make special arrangements fixing rates and charges for services to properties for which the above rates are not, in its opinion, equitable or proper.
   C.   Bills For Service; Late Payments: Charges for services shall be payable on a quarterly basis, and billings will be made as of February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. A delayed payment charge equal to ten percent (10%) of any bill shall be added to any bill not paid in full by its due date.
   D.   Liability For Service; Lien For Nonpayment: The owner of the premises, the occupant thereof, and the user of the service shall be jointly and severally liable to pay for the service on such premises, and the service is furnished to the premises by the village only upon the condition that the owner of the premises, occupant and user of the service shall be jointly and severally liable therefor to the village. Such charges or rates shall be liens upon the real estate upon or for which service is supplied whenever charges or rates become delinquent, and a notice of such lien shall be filed with the county recorder of deeds.
   E.   Discontinuance Of Service: If the charges for such services are not paid within forty five (45) days after rendition of the bill for such services, such services shall be discontinued without further notice, and the same will not be reestablished until all delinquent bills and penalties are paid in full. (1999 Code § 8.03)
   F.   Disposition Of Revenues: The village clerk shall receive all revenues from the garbage collection service and all other funds and monies incident to the operation of said service as the same may be delivered to the village clerk and deposit the same in the general fund, which fund shall be used only in paying the reasonable cost of operation and maintenance of the system, including salaries, wages, cost of materials, supplies, purchase of power, insurance and the reasonable repairs and extensions necessary to render efficient service, provide an adequate depreciation fund and any other charges properly chargeable against the garbage collection service. (1999 Code § 8.03; amd. 2005 Code)