No person shall operate as a mobile food vendor except in accordance with the following provisions at all times.
   A.   Mobile food vendors can operate at designated areas on a “first come, first served” basis.
   B.   Mobile food vendors are permitted in commercial and industrial zoned sites.
   C.   Parking of any other vehicles, including vehicles used to tow, within the designated areas during the operation of a mobile food truck is prohibited.
   D.   Tents, tables, or chairs may be placed within the designated areas, if it does not impede traffic or cause a safety hazard.
   E.   Noise from mobile food vendor, including, but not limited to, generators and music, shall not exceed 75 decibels as measured ten feet from any part of the mobile food truck.
   F.   Mobile food vendors shall collect all trash and debris resulting from the operation of the mobile food vendor businesses.
   G.   Mobile food vendors operating on private property shall provide certification or other acceptable proof, upon request by the village, that the property owner has granted permission for such operation.
   H.   Mobile food vendors operating in any designated area which is in a public street, road or right-of-way shall observe the following rules:
      1.   Double-parking is not allowed.
      2.   The mobile food truck shall be parked within 12 inches of the curb if possible, but in no event more than 24 inches from the curb.
      3.   No portion of the mobile food truck, or any extension thereof, or adjacent service area shall block, obstruct, or interfere with vehicular, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic.
      4.   No portion of the mobile food truck shall be within 50 feet of an intersection.
      5.   The mobile food vendor shall be responsible to ensure that no congregation of persons around the mobile food truck creates an obstruction or safety hazard to passerby, whether vehicular, bicycle, or pedestrian.
   I.   Mobile food vendor (or any employee thereof) shall always be present during all posted or advertised operating hours. Temporary closure for the purpose of restocking supplies or otherwise carrying out tasks necessary for continued operation shall be permitted.
   J.   Mobile food vendors shall be responsible for the proper disposal of all grease, litter and waste generated by their operation.
   K.   Mobile food vendors conducting retail sales shall not utilize extension cords in such a manner as to cross a public right-of-way or sidewalk. Exceptions to this provision may be granted for special events and all cords must be properly secured.
   L.   Mobile food vendors shall not conduct any major repairs or disassembly of a vehicle or trailer directly at the site of operation.
   M.   Mobile food vendors shall not operate any closer than 50 feet from any restaurant without first receiving permission from that restaurant.
   N.   All mobile food vendors shall abide by any and all other federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to mobile food vendors. (Ord. 2020-11, 10-13-2020)