4-2-5: CHICKENS:
   A.   Up to six (6) domestic hens may be kept on properties zoned and occupied for residential use only. Roosters are prohibited.
   B.   No person shall slaughter any chickens in Village limits.
   C.   Chickens shall be provided with the following:
      1.   Chicken area that is no less than thirty six (36) square feet;
      2.   Chicken area must include an enclosure with laying area/box; and
      3.   Access to electricity in the winter months and shall not be provided by an extension cord or cords.
   D.   Chickens may also be allowed free range in the chicken area with fencing at least three feet (3') in height.
   E.   The chicken area shall be set back:
      1.   Five feet (5') from the owner's property line;
      2.   Twenty five feet (25') from any adjacent occupied residential structure, other than that of the owner; and
      3.   Fifty feet (50') from all streets and alleys.
   F.   All chickens shall be kept in a rear yard.
   G.   Hens shall be kept in the chicken area at all times. All areas where chickens are kept shall be kept neat and clean and free of accumulation of waste such as to not cause odors detectable on adjacent property. All refuse shall be disposed of in a clean and sanitary fashion.
   H.   All feed shall be kept in containers that are rodent-proof until put out for consumption.
   I.   A building permit shall be required for all enclosures and shall incur a permit fee.
   J.   All persons keeping chickens in the village shall submit a "Keeping of Chickens" permit application and pay a forty-five dollar ($45.00) non-refundable fee due at the time the building permit application is submitted. Chickens cannot reside in the enclosure until the enclosure has passed a final inspection, been approved by the Building Inspector, and has homeowner's and/or homeowner's association approval, on the form.
   K.   All persons keeping chickens in the village shall submit a permit registration renewal annually and shall incur a renewal permit fee of forty-five dollars ($45.00).
   L.   Failure to comply shall result in a penalty as outlined in section 4-2-4 of this chapter. Repeated or egregious violations will result in impoundment and permanent revocation of permit. (Ord. 2019-01, 3-12-2019; amd. Ord. 2019-10, 12-10-2019)