A.   Number Restricted: No person shall own, possess, keep or harbor more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats in any residence within the Village.
   B.   Puppies And Kittens: The owner or person who has custody of a dog or cat may retain the puppies or kittens, born of said dog or cat, exceeding the permissible numbers set forth in subsection A of this section for twelve (12) weeks after the birth of the animals. If, after that time, there are more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats in any one residence or apartment, the owner or person in custody of the dogs or cats will be in violation of this section.
   C.   Existing Conditions; Special Permit: Any person who lawfully owned more than two (2) dogs or two (2) cats prior to the enactment of this section may retain their animals, provided they obtain a special permit from the Chief of Police. The special permit shall be for a term of one year, and no renewal shall be issued without subsequent inspection. If for any reason an animal is lost, sold, given away or dies and there still remains in the residence or apartment two (2) or more dogs or two (2) or more cats, there can be no replacement of the lost, sold, given or deceased animal. A special permit shall be issued if, after inspection, it is determined by the Chief of Police or his representative that:
      1.   The animals in the owner's possession are not creating a nuisance;
      2.   There is adequate waste disposal; and
      3.   There is not a hazard to the public safety, health or welfare. (1999 Code § 4.02)