A.   Appointment: The Village of Waterman may appoint auxiliary police officers in such number as they from time to time deem necessary.
   B.   Status: Auxiliary police officers shall not be "conservators of the peace", as specified in section 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/3.1-15-25, unless such auxiliary police officer has received a certificate attesting to the successful completion of all required training courses mandated and administered by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. Auxiliary police officers shall not be considered to be members of the regular Police Department, and shall not supplement members of the regular Police Department of the Village in the performance of their assigned and normal duties except as otherwise provided herein.
   C.   Firearms And Training: Auxiliary police officers, before entering upon any of their duties, shall receive a course of training in the use of weapons and other police procedures appropriate for the exercise of the powers conferred upon them under this section. The training and course of study shall be determined and provided by the Corporate Authorities of the Municipality appointing auxiliary police officers. Auxiliary police officers shall only carry firearms while on duty, in uniform, with the permission of the Chief of Police, and only after completing the State certified 40-Hour Mandatory Firearms Training Course as provided pursuant to section 2 of the Peace Officer Firearm Training Act.
   D.   Identification Symbol: Identification symbols worn by the auxiliary police officers shall be different and distinct from those used by the regular Police Department.
   E.   Supervision: Auxiliary police officers shall, at all times during the performance of their duties, be subject to the direction and control of the Chief of Police of the Village.
   F.   Powers And Duties: Auxiliary police officers shall only be assigned to perform the following duties in the Village:
      1.   To aid or direct traffic within the Municipality,
      2.   To aid in control of natural or man-made disasters, and
      3.   To aid in case of civil disorder as directed by the Chief of Police.
When it is impractical for members of the regular Police Department to perform those normal and regular police duties, however, the Chief of Police of the regular Police Department may assign auxiliary police officers to perform those normal and regular police duties.
   G.   Hiring Standards: No person shall be appointed as an auxiliary police officer who has not been fingerprinted, subject to a background check, and found to have never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude. Auxiliary police officers are not required to be residents of the Municipality, but shall only be considered for appointment after first meeting the following minimum qualifications:
      1.   Be no younger than twenty one (21) years of age at the time of appointment.
      2.   Have earned a high school diploma, or equivalent.
      3.   Be a United States citizen.
      4.   Possess a valid driver license.
      5.   Be of good moral character.
      6.   Any other requirements as set forth in the General Orders, policies, or directives of the Waterman Police Department, or at the direction of the Chief of Police of the Waterman Police Department.
   H.   Line Of Duty Compensation Act: The Line of Duty Compensation Act shall be applicable to auxiliary police officers upon their death in the line of duty. (Ord. 2017-10, 7-18-2017)