(A)   When any owner of real estate makes application for garbage, water, and sewer services from the Office of the Clerk-Treasurer, a deposit shall be made to the town for such services by the owner. In no event will services be provided to any non-owner occupant such as a renter or contract purchaser unless the owner signs the application and agrees to be responsible for any water services, sewer services, garbage and rubbish pick up services rendered to the owner's property. All bills will be in the name of the owner. The owner is defined as the owner of the fee title according to the records in the Recorder's Office of DeKalb County, Indiana.
   (B)   In the event an owner becomes delinquent in the payment of charges for water and/or in the payment of charges for sewer and/or in the payment of charges of garbage pickup, and the service is discontinued because of the late payment, then the deposit shall be applied on delinquent charges for water, sewer, and garbage, unless the owner makes payment in full of all delinquencies due the town, including service charges, late fees, and reconnection charges, before service is resumed. If the entire deposit is applied on such charges and fees, then an additional deposit will be required before service is resumed.
   (C)   The rates and charges shall be billed to the owner.  (See division (A) for "Owner" defined.)
(Ord. 01-09, passed 10-9-01; Am. Ord. 09-01, passed 9-8-09)