(A)   The utility shall require from each applicant for water service a cash deposit in the amount of $40, which deposit shall be paid at the time of application for service.
   (B)   Should the utility schedule an appointment for turning on a water service, for any reason, other than credit turn ons, and the customer fails to keep that appointment, the return trip to the premises will cause an added trip charge of $50 to be levied to the account.
   (C)   When water is required to test plumbing before a water contract has been executed and meter installed, a water utility employee shall be called to make the turn-on and turn-off.
   (D)   It is a violation of both the water utility's general rules and regulations and the town municipal code for anyone except a water utility employee to make such turn-ons and turn-offs.
   (E)   A fee of $50 shall be charged by the utility for turning water service off and on for making repairs to a private plumbing system or an extended absence and similar occasions when the turn-on or turn-off is for the benefit or convenience of the customer.
   (F)   No person but an authorized representative of the utility, Fire Department, Town Street Department or Town Water Pollution Control Department shall open or operate any fire hydrant to which water is supplied by the utility or remove the nozzle cap from the hydrant.
   (G)   Violation of this rule will subject the offender to the penalty provided in the municipal codes and for payment of the estimated quantity of water used or wasted during the period the water was turned on without authority of the water utility. There will be a $500 fine imposed for improper turn-ons.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)