(A)   No promise, agreement or representation by any agent, employee or officer of the utility shall be binding upon the utility unless incorporated in a written contract signed and approved by an agent authorized to sign such contract on behalf of the utility and its administrators. No adjustments to applicable rates as set forth in the rate schedule shall be allowed in any case and under any circumstances.
   (B)   The benefits and obligations under any contract for supply of water by the utility will begin when the utility commences to supply water in service thereunder and shall inure to and be binding upon the successors or assigns as the case may be, of the original parties thereto, respectively, for the full term thereof; provided, that no assignment thereof shall be made by the customer or by any successor, assign, survivor, executor or administrator unless there be expressed written consent by the utility to any such assignment.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)