(A)   A written service application and/or properly executed contract and paid receipt for all applicable fees and charges will be required from the applicant (including contractors or builders) before the utility will be able to supply service; however, the utility may reject an application for a valid reason. Where unusual construction or equipment expenses are involved in the furnishing of service, the utility may require the water services contract to be for an appropriate period specified by the utility with notification of termination of water service.
   (B)   A prospective service application customer must show positive identification when applying for service (i.e. driver's license, and the like). A written contract for service shall be in full force and effect until the party contracting for service serves the utility with notification of intent to terminate water service.
   (C)   Should the utility deny service, the utility shall immediately notify the applicant, in writing, stating the precise facts upon which the utility based its decision and shall provide the applicant with an opportunity to rebut such facts and show facts demonstrating credit worthiness.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)