(A)   A copy of all rates, rules and regulations under which water service will be rendered from the utility to its customers is on file for the convenience of the public in the general offices of the utility and with the Public Service Commission of the State of Indiana.
   (B)   The utility will publish and distribute, without request, a copy of a comprehensive pamphlet which, in clear language easily understandable to the layman, fully describes the rights and responsibilities of the customer/consumer.
   (C)   Upon request by the applicant or customer, the utility will furnish, free of charge, a copy of the rate schedule for new and existing customers.
   (D)   The utility, whenever it petitions the Public Service Commission for a change in its rate schedule, will furnish to each customer, within the prescribed schedule, a notice that fairly summarizes the nature and extent of proposed changes in existing rates.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)