§ 52.002  DEFINITIONS.
   For this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   COMMISSION. The Public Service Commission of the State of Indiana.
   CURB STOP or SERVICE VALVE. A fitting inserted in the service pipe near the curb or main for turning on and shutting off water to the premises supplied or to be supplied.
   CUSTOMER or CONSUMER. The person, firm, corporation, governmental agency or association having interest, whether legal or equitable, sole or only partial, either as tenant or owner, in any property which is, or is to be, supplied with water service, either temporarily or permanently, by the utility and all those having such interest.
   CONTRACT. An agreement between the utility and the customer by which the utility sets forth its conditions to provide water service.
   DISTRIBUTION MAIN. A pipe owned by the utility, located in a street, easement, road, right-of- way and/or alley and used to deliver water:
      (1)   To fire hydrants or fire lines;
      (2)   To service pipes attached to said water main; and/or
      (3)   To private mains.
   METER. The mechanical device owned by the utility and used to measure and record the quantity of water supplied to the customer.
   MONTH. The period between any two consecutive regular billings by the utility for service rendered to a customer at his or her premises. Such billings are scheduled at intervals of approximately 30 days.
   PLUMBER. A person or firm licensed by the State of Indiana, registered by the town and recognized as qualified to perform plumbing services.
   PREMISES. A dwelling, building, structure or parcel of real estate which is normally supplied through a separate water service pipe and meter.
   PRIVATE FIRE SERVICE or FIRE SYSTEM. A privately-owned arrangement of pipes, fixtures and devices designed for stand-by service and from which is taken only for the extinguishment of fires.
   PRIVATE WATER MAIN. A privately-owned pipe connected to the utility's distribution system and used to deliver water:
      (1)   For private fire service purposes; and/or
      (2)   For general service purposes; services rendered through such private main shall be billed directly in accordance with established rates unless otherwise provided by written contract with the utility.
   PRIMARY WATER SUPPLY. Water source used for human consumption and other domestic purposes including, but not limited to, drinking, bathing, swimming, washing of clothes and dishes, general cleaning, and food preparation. The municipal water utility owned and operated by the town is hereby defined as being the PRIMARY WATER SUPPLY.
   SECONDARY WATER SUPPLY. Water source used for non-domestic purposes including, but not limited to, geothermal wells, firefighting, cooling, irrigation, manufacturing processes, non-domestic uses in retail and wholesale establishments, and as a product intended for sale as bottled water or similar products. Examples of sources for a SECONDARY WATER SUPPLY include, but are not limited to, private wells, lakes/ponds, streams and cisterns.
   SERVICE CONNECTION. That portion of a service pipe situated between and including the tap and curb stop, installed and/or maintained by the utility.
   SERVICE PIPE. A supply pipe including pipe and fittings leading from the tap in the distribution system main to or into the premises supplied or to be supplied.
   TAP or CORPORATION COCK. A fitting owned by the utility and inserted in the distribution main to be used as the service pipe connection.
   UTILITY. The Waterloo Water Utility, a department of the town, in the State of Indiana, having its principal office at Marion and N. Wayne Streets in the town, and engaged in furnishing the public water supply in the town and its environs.
   WATER WELL. A hole drilled or bored into the earth for extracting water by way of mechanical or non-mechanical means.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)