(A)   Billings rendered to customers for water service will reflect at least the following information:
      (1)   The dates at the beginning and ending of the service period, and the meter reading at the end of the period for which the billing is rendered;
      (2)   The previous balance, if any;
      (3)   The amount of the billing;
      (4)   The date on which the billing is due;
      (5)   If an estimated billing, a clear coding or other indication identifying the billing as an estimated bill;
      (6)   An explanation, which can be readily understood, of all the codes and/or symbols on the billing.
   (B)   Billings will be rendered monthly. If a billing is not paid on or before the due date indicated on the billing (approximately 15 days after the bill is mailed to the customer), the customer will be considered delinquent. A period of two consecutive months delinquent will then constitute termination of water service to the customer by the utility.
   (C)   Failure to receive a billing shall not affect the right of the utility to cut-off and discontinue service for non-payment as provided above.
   (D)   To qualify for the above consideration, the customer must not be entered into and have breached a similar agreement with the utility during the last 12-month period.
   (E)   It is the policy of the town to discontinue utility service to customers by reason of nonpayment of bills. The Clerk-Treasurer shall prepare a utility service application form with such information as the Clerk-Treasurer deems necessary.
   (F)   When it becomes necessary for the town to discontinue utility service to a customer for nonpayment of bills, service will be reinstated only after all bills for service then due have been paid, along with a turn-on charge as set by Town Council.
   (G)   (1)   All water charges follow the customer rather than the property; if a customer moved from the premises where water service has been supplied, such customer will be held responsible for the payment of all billings rendered for the service supplied to the premises until proper notice of discontinuance of water service has been given to the office of the utility.
      (2)   Moving from one location to another location in no way absolves the customer from any unpaid charges incurred at a previous location.
      (3)   A customer's service or a property owner's service may be discontinued for failure to pay any of the unpaid charges due from the customer or property owner regardless of the premises with respect to which the charges were incurred.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)