(A)   All property owners of each lot, parcel or tract of real estate or building that is connected to the town water system shall be assessed a water charge whether there is water usage or not. For those lots, parcels, tracts or buildings for which the water has been shut off, there will be no water charge.
   (B)   All water usage charges, other than for unmetered fire service or other special purposes, will be calculated upon the registration of the meter or meters installed, which registration shall be prima facia evidence of the amount of water used.
   (C)   (1)   The utility will make an effort to read meters every month or at intervals as designated by the Town Council. If the utility is unable to read the meter, or should the meter fail to register, or if the utility is unable to gain access to the customer's premises, the customer will be billed based on average of consumption as shown by the record of previous meter readings. It is the customer's obligation to make every effort to keep meter free of debris and/or obstructions.
      (2)   The first charge after a meter reading is obtained will be then adjusted by averaging consumption over a period from the last reading, charging for each period in accordance with the schedule of rates in effect for the periods, and allowing credit for the amount of estimated billings as applicable to the event.
   (D)   After six consecutive months of estimating, the utility will automatically boost the consumption to four times the estimated amount. The customer will continue to be billed at the boosted rate until an actual read is taken and validated. Any necessary billing adjustments will be made on the following billing, after the actual read.
   (E)   Where water is taken through more than one meter, and where such arrangement is for the convenience of the customer, then, each meter will be read and billed separately. Where water is taken through more than one meter for the convenience of the utility, then, the meter readings will be aggregated and billed as one reading.
   (F)   All water passing through meters will be charged for at the applicable rates, whether used, wasted or lost through leakage.
   (G)   The utility will not be bound by billings rendered under a mistake of fact as to the quantity of service rendered.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)