(A)   The town shall determine the strength and content of all sewage and wastewaters discharge at least annually, either directly or indirectly into the sewerage system, to determine the applicable surcharges.
   (B)   The measurements of the strength and character of industrial wastewaters shall be determined by the town based on a sample, authorized hereunder, to be taken by the town for the purpose of appropriate billing. The town shall sample at least once a year per the standard methods.
   (C)   The town will calculate the surcharges and provide to the user. Surcharges will be assessed based on the table below.
Surcharge Level (mg/L)
Surcharge Amount ($/lb)
Phosphoru s
   (D)   If an industrial user can and does show to the satisfaction of the town that a portion of the total monthly billed sewage flow is from normal domestic sanitary conveniences, then the flow and pollutant loadings to which the surcharge is applied shall be determined based on net flow and pollutant loadings excluding sanitary conveniences.
   (E)   Appropriate charges for sampling and analysis may be assessed to the user at the option of the town. The results of routine sampling and analysis by the user may also be used for determination of surcharges after verification by the town.
   (F)   The surcharge for treatment services on or after the effective date of this chapter, shall be prepared and billed monthly. The surcharges shall be prepared, billed and collected in the manner provided by law and chapter.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)