§ 51.403  SURCHARGES.
   (A)   In order that the surcharges may be justly and equitably adjusted to the service rendered to users, the town shall base its surcharges on the volume of sewage flow billed to industrial users and strength of the stronger-than-normal domestic sewage and wastewaters which it is required to treat and dispose of.
   (B)   The owner or industrial user shall furnish a central sampling point available to the town at all times. If one is not available, the user and town will agree upon an alternate sampling point.
   (C)   The town shall have the right to measure and determine the strength and content of all sewage and wastewater discharges, either directly or indirectly into the town's sewerage system, in such manner and by such method as it may deem practicable in the light of the conditions and attending circumstances of each case to determine the applicable surcharges.
   (D)   The town will review wastewater discharges from new and existing users periodically. If there is a substantial change in the strength, volume or delivery flow rate characteristics introduced into the sewerage system by an individual user, then the classification of that user may be reviewed and reevaluated.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)