(A)   Industrial users shall be subject to a periodic facility inspection and discharge monitoring as often as the town deems necessary (but at least once a year) and may include the use of suitable continuously-monitoring instruments in appropriate cases. Samples shall be collected by the town either manually or by approved mechanical devices and in such a manner as to be representative of the overall composition of the wastewaters. Every care shall be exercised in collecting the samples to ensure their preservation until analyzed in a state comparable to that at the time the samples were collected.
   (B)   Laboratory procedures used in the examination of industrial wastewaters shall be those set forth in standard methods. However, alternative methods for certain analyses of industrial wastewaters may be used subject to agreement between the town and industrial user. The town may periodically analyze the industrial user's wastewater for parameters deemed necessary by the town. All laboratory costs shall be charged to the industrial user according to the standard work order billing practices. All such analyses shall be binding and conclusive in determining strength of wastewater surcharges and other matters which are dependent upon the character and concentration of wastes. Analytical results provided by an industrial user will not be used for surcharges, compliance, or to determine compliance with §§ 51.204 and 51.205; only wastewater sampled and analyzed through the town will be used.
   (C)   Significant industrial users will provide the town with copies of the state required monitoring reports. If required by the town, industrial users shall submit to the town a periodic summary report of the character of the effluent to show discharge concentrations, effectiveness of treatment, and for comparison against town monitoring records.
   (D)   The town may sample at any point in the sewerage system to determine an industrial user's compliance, impact, and interference to the sewerage system.
(Ord. 19-01, passed 4-9-19)