(A)   Every application for a license required by this code or other ordinance shall be signed by the person to whom the license or permit is to be issued, or his authorized agent, and shall specify the time or times and place or places for which the license or permit is desired, the particular nature of the act or acts to be done, and such other particulars as may be granted and will be used in accordance with law, and the application shall be numbered and kept on file by the officer to whom directed.
(1967 Code, § 10-10)
   (B)   The Board of Aldermen shall, by committee or otherwise, provide suitable records, forms and blanks for every license and permit required by this code and other ordinances, and for the application therefor. The application blank shall be furnished to the applicants by the proper officer authorized to issue each license or permit.
(1967 Code, § 10-9)