Any officer of the Police Department, any official of the Building Official's office or any official of the Health Department, upon discovery of or upon notification by any other person of an abandoned motor vehicle, as defined in § 90.02 of this chapter, shall notify the Superintendent of Police who shall:
   (A)   Send a notice in writing by certified mail to the owner of the abandoned motor vehicle, if determinable, and the owner of the private property and/or the occupant of the private property upon which the motor vehicle is located, if not the owner, requesting removal of the motor vehicle within 30 days;
   (B)   Publish notice in a local newspaper with daily circulation that the abandoned motor vehicle must be removed; and
   (C)   Post a copy of the notice on the abandoned motor vehicle.
(1967 Code, § 11A-4)  (Ord. passed 2-11-1985)