The historic preservation commission shall have the following duties:
   A.   Survey And Inventory Community Historic Resources: The historic preservation commission shall conduct or cause to be conducted a survey of the historic, architectural and archaeological resources within the community. The survey shall be compatible with the state inventory of historic and archaeological sites. Survey and inventory shall be maintained and shall be open to the public. The survey shall be updated at least every ten (10) years.
   B.   Review Proposed Nominations To National Register Of Historical Places: The historic preservation commission shall review and comment to the state historic preservation officer on all proposed national register nominations for properties within the boundaries of the city. When the historic preservation commission considers a national register nomination which is not normally evaluated by professionals in a specific discipline and that discipline is not represented on the commission, the commission shall, with prior approval of the city council, seek expertise in that area before rendering its decision.
   C.   Provide Advice And Information:
      1.   The historic preservation commission shall act in an advisory role to other officials and governmental departments regarding the identification and protection of local historic and archaeological resources.
      2.   The historic preservation commission shall work toward the continuing education of citizens regarding historic and community history.
   D.   Enforcement Of State Historic Preservation Laws: The commission shall support the enforcement of all state laws relating to historic preservation. These include, but are not limited to, Utah Code Annotated section 17A-3-1301 et seq., the historic district act, Utah Code Annotated section 9-8-301, regarding the protection of Utah antiquities, and Utah Code Annotated section 9-8-307 regarding notification of the state historic preservation office of any proposed action which will destroy or affect a site, building or object owned by the state and included on or eligible for the state or national registry. (Ord. 95-6, 3-8-1995)